Thursday, 19 February 2015

Decorous Corner - In Praise of Mr. & Mrs. Crow

Every morning a loving crow couple sits on the parapet wall of our sitout cawing loudly to announce their presence.  As soon as I look up one of them flies up to perch on the kitchen windowsill.  Cocking its beady eyes it looks at me mournfully pleading for sustenance. However my crows are very picky eaters ... they eat only kneaded dough, meat and fish and anything else is disdainfully ignored ... 


As I was browsing the net for information on crows I found this delightfully illustrated 1848 book.

If you are as crazy about crows as I am, please do visit the Internet Archive website for more beautiful illustrations and poems: Caw Caw or Chronicle of Crows

However be warned, the chronicle ends on a sad note ...

EveryThe crow sits on my windowsill, ]

The crow sits on my windowsill,
howling to announce it's presence.
its staring at me.
into my soul.
"What do you want!"
No reply.
He just sits there.
mocking me.
taunting me with his presence.
I look away,
he's gone?
Am I losing my mind,
No that can't be.
Crows do not howl.
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