Saturday, 31 January 2015

Decorous Corner: The Writing on the Wall

I had been gifted a very inspiring poster by some of my students some six years back:

Unfortunately it got frayed very badly more due to constant handling by kids than the passing years ... I was saddened.  As I did not want to completely lose the wordings, I wrote it down on our kitchen wall ... the room where we spend most of our mornings and evenings.

 I used fevicryl acrylic paints.  A view from the side and from outside...


Doesn't my sagacious companion bring cheer to my kitchen!! 


  1. Very creative Esther. I especially love the bird. Very innovative...

  2. Thanks Radhika...the bird is indeed very cute and was weaved with wire by a lady in a self help group ... She made it in about 15 minutes !!