Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Wild Garden - Poem by Rachel Jacob

Looking down the balcony I see my garden ... the ground is covered with crisp colourful almond tree leaves ... the firecracker flower bushes are growing untamed vying for space with the money plant and high grass ... I love the wild merging of the colours and yet feel guilty for not putting in an effort to create a more structured garden ... 

then I received by mail this sweet poem written by my sister Rachel Jacob ... it soothed my conscience so I want to share the poem with all those who own wild gardens ...


Thorns, pines, briers and thistles,
Adorn this garden and oh! how I sigh,
Definitely a sight so sore, to the eye!
It could never be one’s pride and joy.

The grass looks greener on the other side,
Whoever said this, must have looked on mine,
I brooded I sighed, I almost cried,
Whatever could I do to make it look fine!

Why couldn’t my garden be like Fiona’s,
With roses, lilacs, Peonies and Dahlias
The  bushes pruned in a unique shape,
The grass cut as though measured with tape.

Envy then crept in, clouding every thought,
Seeped into my vein and capillary slowly forming clot,
It took over every beat, dripping down like froth,
With nothing left in me but complete distraught!

I shut myself in the room, choosing never to go out,
Till one day I heard an infectious laughter bout,
Curiosity got the better of me and I stepped out,
‘Hey isn’t that a beautiful sight?’ Yes, without a doubt!

Tantalised by the beautiful hues of the wild flower,
Swarmed in butterflies and bees in all consuming power,
Hiding behind the trees which  formed a lovely bower,
Were little children giggling at someone in deep slumber.

It took me awhile to realise that the garden I’ve been envying,
Was made of fabric, plastic and coating all so artificial,
No birds sang there no bees buzzed, no children played,
I missed the beauty of what I already had for something so unreal,

My wild garden a haven now for all of God’s creation,
I chose to ignore because of my yearning for another’s,
Whatever is yours is more beautiful when shared,
True beauty is believing in yourself and living for others!


  1. What a lovely poem and so true.

    Much of my garden has been planted by the birds and I love seeing something pop up that I didn't expect.
    I love the birds in the trees and the magical symphony they sing each morning - and sometimes all day long.
    I love the tropical feel - again, that's what seeds the birds have dropped upon us.

    I see many perfect gardens on our walks, but I love ours for what it is.

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog.