Monday, 30 September 2013


Take a look at a DIY partition that was inspired by my mother-in-law’s casual remark…

There is an arch separating our dining room from our very tiny living room … through the arch one can also have a glimpse of our bedroom … sometimes it is awkward when we have unannounced guests while we’re dining … I could not fully cut off the living room as it would become tinier … One day my mother-in-law was talking about the swinging half doors that one finds in western movies … a bulb burst in my head and I further developed on this idea and got my hubby to help me make the partition …

Let’s take a closer look at the partition:

The wood used for the partition is cheap packing wood usually used to make crates … the pieces of wood are held together by a piece of wood and the panels are held together by brass joints … I made the drawings using acrylic paint and after it was completed the partition was sprayed with clear varnish…

Closeup of the colourful warli figures

I love the simple warli drawings … the joy of drawing simple line figures that together ends up in such attractive scenes depicting the simple life of villagers … is simply amazing!!

As the partition is half length it does not suffocate the living room … instead it opens out the living room and makes the whole place cozy and cheerful!!  ….

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